What is that cough?

By Jennifer Shaer, MD It seems like kids cough all winter long. When is it time to worry about the cough? When can you treat it at home and when should you go to the doctor? There are many causes of cough in children. Most commonly, a cough is caused by a viral upper respiratory…
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My Last Minute New Year’s Resolution

This year I had a hard time coming up with a new year's resolution. I'm tired of setting myself up to fail by making unrealistic goals and broad proclamations. That is not the way to start the year off right. At the same time, having no goals leaves me without a focus. I like to…
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Keeping your kids safe this holiday season

Stay safe and have fun this holiday season A¬†few reminders of dangers to avoid this holiday season 1. Fires: Artificial Christmas trees should be labeled "fire resistant". Live trees should be fresh and keep them watered. Set the tree up away from radiators and fire places and make sure it is secure in its stand.…
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