Updated COVID-19 office procedures as of 5/11/20

In order to keep our office a safe space during this pandemic, we need your help with the following:

  • Please come to your visit with only one healthy parent.
  • Please come to the office wearing a face covering (parent and child as best you can-if nothing else, a scarf will work.) We do not have enough face masks to provide to all of our patients and really need your help with this.
  • If you or your child gets sick before a well appointment, please call us to discuss whether or not we should reschedule.
  • Please check-in online before you get here.
  • Please call from your car when you arrive so that we can bring you right into a room.

Dear Family,

We at Peconic Pediatrics are committed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community but not at the expense of your child’s health.  As we balance the needs of our community with the needs of individual children we are making the following changes:

  1. Essential checkups during well visit hours only: 
  • Remember that COVID-19 tends to be mild in children and skipping vaccines can result in your child getting diseases like whooping cough or measles.
  • All children ages two and under should continue to come for their well visits.
  • The 4, 10, 11, and 16-year-old checkups also come with important vaccinations and if you do not want to delay those, they can also be scheduled during our well visit office hours.
  • Other routine well visits can and should wait until the pandemic is over.
  • We ask you to come to the office without siblings, with only one healthy adult, and to please reschedule if your child is not feeling well or has a fever the day of the checkup.
  1. Sick visits: During this pandemic, children are still going to get sick with routine medical problems like strep throat and appendicitis.  Please do not delay medical care when it is needed.  In order to see you safely for sick visits, please call us first.  Walk-in hours have been suspended. We have two ways of scheduling sick visits:
    • Video (telehealth) Visits:  If you have not yet done so, please download our telehealth app Anytime Pediatrics so that we can see you by video.  We will attempt to meet all of your needs by video visit whenever possible.  You can schedule a telehealth visit by calling the office or by “walking-in” on the Anytime Pediatrics App to chat with a staff member and schedule a visit.   If we determine that you need to come in, we will do so safely during our sick visit office hours.
    • Office visits:  Please call us to schedule an office visit.  There are no more walk-in hours.  If you need to come in for a sick visit, we will bring you straight to an exam room.  We ask that you only bring one healthy adult and no siblings to any office visits until the situation improves.

As of May 11th:

Office Hours Riverhead

 Monday- Friday

9AM-1PM office well visits

2PM-5PM office sick visits

9AM-10:30PM telehealth video visits


9AM-10:30AM well visits

11AM – 12PM- office sick visits

9AM – 12PM and 6:30PM-10:30 PM video telehealth visits




Office Hours Southold

Southold is only seeing well patients during this time.  If you are sick you can to travel to Riverhead for an office visit or schedule a video visit.

Monday to Friday

10AM-3PM office well visits

9AM-10:30PM telehealth video visits


9AM-12PM office well visits and video telehealth visits

6:30PM-10:30 PM video telehealth visits



Thank you for trusting us with the care of your children!

Peconic Pediatrics


Patient Portal

 Happy baby being taken care of at Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead NY.
Get in touch with us easily and quickly through our convenient, confidential online portal. You can request appointments, physician referrals, medication refills, receive lab results and send your forms to fill out in advance of your visit. You can ask non-urgent questions through the portal as well.

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Nutrition for Families

Family is happy after visiting Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead NY.
Our registered pediatric dietitians help parents and kids deal with food allergies, celiac disease, diabetes and more. In our Nutrition & Wellness program, our team teaches families how to stay happy and healthy by eating right and exercising. Our dietitians can also develop a customized eating plan for all ages. This service is especially popular with post-partum mothers.

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We're Here For You

Two young girls live healthy lives after visiting Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead NY.
You’ll always be able to get a visit for a sick child the same day that you call because we have multiple providers on staff.  Our symptom checker and dosing calculator are other invaluable resources.

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Breastfeeding Center

Mother breastfeeds her baby after visiting the Breastfeeding Center at Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead NY.
Peconic Pediatrics is distinguished for its breastfeeding and lactation resources. We offer in-office consultations with both Dr. Jennifer Shaer and Dr. Lisa Visentin, both board certified pediatricians and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, to help both mom and baby accomplish a breastfeeding plan that works for them.

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 Well visits at Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead NY are a crucial part of our practice.

Well Visits at Peconic

We offer routine well visits at our Riverhead, NY office for age appropriate developmental screening, vaccines and more. At this time, we can discuss how your child is progressing in terms of height and weight, as well as discuss any ongoing developmental concerns you may have.

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 We can help you and your young one with Asthma and Allergy Management at Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead NY.

Asthma & allergy management

Having a child with asthma can be scary, but we can help you and your young one breathe easy. At Peconic Pediatrics, you will have access to a certified asthma educator Michelle Wruck PNP who works with children and parents to develop a customized treatment plan. Michelle will outline a kid-friendly plan, and is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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Peconic Pediatrics provides basic advice and medication doses for children of all ages on our website and through our Allied Pediatrics app. You can always reach one of our on-call providers by calling the office. If you have an emergency, don’t wait– call 911.

How can I reach a doctor after hours

Your child does not always get sick during business hours. At night when the office is closed, our website and the Allied Pediatrics app offer basic advice and medication doses for children of all ages. Also, you may always reach one of our on-call providers by calling our office. In case of an emergency, do not hesitate-- call 911.

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