All About Asthma in Riverhead, NY At Peconic Pediatrics


Having a child with asthma can be scary, but we can help you and your young one breathe easy. At Peconic, you will have access to a certified asthma educator  who works with children and parents to develop a customized treatment plan.

Children who have asthma should be scheduled for routine follow-up visits.  At Peconic Pediatrics, we call these asthma “tune-up” visits.  Asthma is highly variable and can change over time, vary by season or situation, and differ from person to person. Because response to asthma therapy also can vary, regular monitoring of asthma control through clinical visits is essential to adjust therapy as needed.  Our goal is to keep your child on the least amount of medicine, while maintaining ideal asthma control.  This requires frequent monitoring.  The best time to have an asthma tune-up visit is when your child is feeling healthy.

At your child’s asthma tune-up visit, the provider will:

  • Review your child’s current symptoms and control
  • Review and adjust the triggers, medicines, and asthma action plan
  • If indicated, perform lung function testing and review proper use of inhalers and spacers

The frequency of asthma tune-up visits depends upon how well your child’s asthma is controlled.  Asthma control means:

  • Little or no need for rescue medicine
  • Ability to participate in all daily activities with no symptoms
  • A restful night’s sleep with no coughing
  • No need for oral steroids
  • No need for emergency room visits or hospitalizations

If your child’s asthma is controlled, then we recommend an asthma tune-up visit every three to six months.  If there are symptoms or adjustments to the asthma plan, the visits will be more frequent. Most children benefit from an asthma tune-up visit with every change of season (every three months).

REMEMBER:  If your child is ever having active asthma, it’s time for an urgent visit!

Learn how to properly use an inhaler (video)

Our goal is to keep kids symptom free, so we schedule regular visits every three to six months.

Allergy Information

Allergies among children are not uncommon, but that doesn’t make them any less frightening for parents.

We offer comprehensive pediatric allergy testing at our office in Riverhead, including skin testing for foods, environmental allergens, and lung function testing.

We also offer a variety of online allergy resources:

Check your local pollen forecast (Allergy Alert app, powered by

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

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