Breastfeeding Center


Peconic Pediatrics is distinguished for its breastfeeding and lactation resources.  We are dedicated to helping every mother reach her own personal breastfeeding goal.  We offer

  1. In-office consultations with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs)
  • Lisa Visentin MD, IBCLC (Riverhead)
  • Jennifer Shaer MD, IBCLC (Riverhead)
  • Jessica Cohn, MD, IBCLC (Riverhead)


Schedule a prenatal visit to get off on the right foot

  1. Telephone support from our Certified Breastfeeding Counselors. Several of our nurses are CBCs and are available to answer questions during regular business hours.  They will also reach out to all new moms to support you on your journey. Our Certified Breastfeeding Counselors are:
  • Sandra Franco, Maria Perez & Adrienne Grossman


  1. Allied Breastfeeding Support. As part of our larger network, you can also reach the Allied Breastfeeding Support at 1-866-621-2769 or by email at  Here you will reach an Allied Lactation Consult who can give you telephone support or direct you to resources in the community.  There is even some availability for home visits.


  1. For online support, click here to visit the Facebook page.


  1. If you have excess breastmilk and want to share this gift, consider making a donation to the NY Milk Bank. Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead is a drop off site for the New York Milk Bank. For more information, visit Allied Foundation at


  1. Breast Pumps: Many insurance companies will provide pregnant mothers with a breast pump.   Check your benefits and if needed, your obstetrician should be able to provide you with a prescription for a pump before your baby is born.  If you cannot get a pump through insurance, then we have several Medela pumps available as rentals.  Schedule a prenatal visit to discuss pumping and nursing or call to inquire about rentals.


  1. Diaper Bank: While diapers are not related to breastfeeding, most breastfeeding moms use diapers and there is a massive need for diapers in our community.  Peconic Pediatrics is a proud collection site for the Allied Foundation Diaper Bank. If you would like to donate diapers to this great cause, just bring them to your next visit.  For more info visit


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