Digestive Problems in Riverhead, NY at Peconic Pediatrics

A happy child after visiting Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead NY

Early Intervention

Does your little one suffer from “poop problems?” It is estimated that 2 in every 10 children do. Here at Peconic Pediatrics in Riverhead, we have helped many Suffolk County children alleviate digestive problems like “accidents”, constipation and “stool with-holding behavior.”

Without early intervention, these problems often persist for far too long, embarrassing both children and parents.

Michelle Wruck, PNP utilizes an evidence-based behavior modification program known as the Soiling Solution®, based on the book Soiling Solution®: Clean Kid Manual by Dr. Robert Collins. This program corrects stool withholding behavior and accidental underwear soiling in less than 12 weeks for most children – music to the ears of any parent that has been struggling with this issue.

If your child is staining their underpants, hiding when they have to go to the bathroom, passing infrequent stools or straining, know that these problems often do not go away on their own.

To learn more about digestive problems, please refer to the websites and links below:

Contact Peconic Pediatrics today to get started with the Soiling Solutions®, or to discuss any other pediatric digestive concerns.

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