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Expectant New Parent Class & Breastfeeding Basics

In this one hour class, we will help prepare you for a successful transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Come, see the office and have all your questions answered!

Newborn Care

Infant health, wellness, and safety  •  Basics of newborn care—bathing, diapering, feeding, nutrition and sleeping habits • Newborn behavior  •  Normal growth and development  •  Review recommended visits and vaccines

Breastfeeding Basics

How to prepare for breastfeeding  •  What to expect in the first few days  •  Establishing a milk supply  •  Long-term management  •  Additional resources for ongoing support

The Facilitators

Jennifer Shaer MD, IBCLC  •  Lisa Visentin MD, IBCLC. •  Megan Hays, PNP, IBCLC

Upcoming Classes (Riverhead Office):


Saturday, Jan 25th 1-2pm, Dr. Shaer

Tuesday, March 3rd, 7:30-8:30pm, Dr. Visentin

Saturday, May 16th, 1-2pm, Megan Hays

Tuesday, July 14th, 7:30-8:30pm, Dr. Visentin

This class is, no-cost but, registration is required click here to register.

*With your registration, please consider a donation to Allied Foundation which supports a community breastfeeding support line and Long Island’s only diaper bank. And/or bring diapers to help stock our diaper bank.

To make a donation to the foundation visit,



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