Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness Services at Peconic

We are looking forward to providing you and your family with quality nutritional
counseling and education. We hope to promote nutritious balanced diets and physically active lifestyles that will improve whole-body wellness and quality of life.


We are here to help your family with:

► Picky eaters

► Food allergies

► Gluten sensitivity

► Celiac Disease

► Breastfeeding nutrition

► High cholesterol

► Pre-diabetes

► Poor weight gain

► Specialized diets (vegan, vegetarian, etc.)

► Weight management

► Gastrointestinal issues

► High insulin

► Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) nutrition

► Liver abnormalities

► Body image issues

► Eating disorders


Our team will:

► Work with you to create a unique meal plan based on your nutritional needs and goals

► Provide suggestions for physical activity

► Provide The Balanced Plate Comprehensive Resource Guide for custom nutrition planning

► Regularly scheduled follow-ups to keep you focused on your goal


Nutrition Team

Lorraine Danowski, Ph.D., RD

Lorraine has been a registered dietitian since 1986. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oneonta and LIU/Post. Most recently she obtained a doctoral degree from Stony Brook University. Lorraine works with children and their families to develop healthy eating habits and promotes physical activity to encourage lifelong health. She encourages a balance between a busy school life with homework, activities and leisure time with nutrition and daily exercise.

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