Ebola, Enterovirus and Flu

Lots of viruses in the news - Ebola, Enterovirus, flu. But the most contagious thing going around is anxiety. Parents are anxious and the children feel it. Children are afraid to go to school, getting headaches and bellyaches. We suggest you dial down the fear in your house and in your family's life. Shut off the news, especially when the kids are around.

Keep to your normal schedule and remember to laugh and have fun with your kids - it really is the best medicine.

Ebola - unless you have recently traveled to West Africa, or have taken care of a known Ebola patient, this disease should not be on your radar. If you think your child has been exposed to Ebola and he/she starts to get a fever or other signs of illness, please speak to one or our doctors before coming to the office.

Enterovirus - is all around us. Most children who get it are not even sick enough to come to the doctor. As with any other viral illness, you, the parent, are the most important member of the medical team. Treat the symptoms - with fluid and rest - and be watchful for a child who needs to go to the doctor. Call for a same-day appointment if your child has a fever more than 48 hours, can't hold down fluids, has a stiff neck, has difficulty breathing, or just seems sicker than you think he should be.

Flu - it's not new or exotic, but flu is a dependable yearly source of fever, illness and misery - including missed school, missed work, pneumonia, hospitalization and rarely, death. The good news is that flu is largely preventable with a flu shot. This year, with all the other viral illnesses going around to confuse us, staying healthy with a flu shot is especially important.

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