Jackie Secaida- Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Jackie Secaida, Peconic Pediatrics’ employee of the month.  In honor of Jackie,  Peconic is making a $250 donation to Human Understanding and Growth Services (HUGS).  Jackie says, “I chose Human Understanding and Growth Services (HUGS) because when I was in high school this program was available to any student who wanted to join. The students who struggle with depression, anxiety, drinking, or even drugs have been helped and never let down.  Young teens who are LGBT who are afraid to be themselves, feel free to express themselves in the program, they also feel the support that they probably do not have by their own families. The Human Understanding and Growth program is an important agency because they are influencing young teens to be strong and powerful.”

Peconic Pediatrics is thrilled to support Human Understanding and Growth Services and congratulations again to Jackie!  To learn more about HUGS, visit  https://www.facebook.com/hugsinc.whb


If you’d like to add a charity to our list of potential Peconic Gives Back recipients, please apply here.

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