My Last Minute New Year’s Resolution

This year I had a hard time coming up with a new year's resolution. I'm tired of setting myself up to fail by making unrealistic goals and broad proclamations. That is not the way to start the year off right. At the same time, having no goals leaves me without a focus. I like to improve myself and I like to succeed and I find the New Year is a good time to reset my intentions.

This year I'm also trying to think about how to get my kids to want to better themselves. How do I get them to make a resolution? How do I get them to want to clean their rooms, be nicer to their siblings, eat healthier, read more, care less about material objects? Motivation comes from within. Instilling it in someone else is tricky business.

So in 2014 I am going to dedicate myself to a theme. "Do as I do and not as I say." I want my kids to eat well and exercise, be nice to each other and read more. I resolve to try my best to do the same. I will try and lead my family by example and stop lecturing. I know that I will not be perfect but I will not quit because of a bad day. This is a resolution that cannot fail because it is a process without unreal expectations.

Wish me luck and feel free to join me!

Happy New Year to all.

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