Patient Spotlight: Local Volunteer Educates Youth on the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Peconic Pedatrics Patient Spotlight congratulates Cynthia Redmond

At Peconic Pediatrics, we encounter extraordinary people every single day. As often as we can, we highlight some of the wonderful people who walk through our doors, and Cynthia Redmond is certainly one of these local legends.

Cynthia is the mother of two of our patients, and has devoted years of her adult life to educating and serving the best interests of youths in the local area. As a Community Prevention Specialist at Riverhead Community Awareness Program (CAP) Inc., Cynthia is responsible for spreading awareness about the importance of education in preventing children and underage teens from partaking in the harmful consumption of drugs and alcohol. Through her hard work and diligence, Cynthia hopes to promote the ideal vision of a safe and drug-free youth.

Cynthia explains that the freedom provided to teens during the summer months is a breeding ground for poor decision-making. More teens use illicit drugs and alcohol each day during the summer than during any other time of the year, but it is within our power to keep our children and our youth safe. Cynthia reminds parents that communicating before issues arise is the most direct way to prevent substance abuse in children. By setting clear no-tolerance expectations, modeling appropriate behavior, and providing and monitoring safe environments for teens to congregate in, parents can take control of the situation and steer their children towards healthy and appropriate ways to enjoy themselves while resisting the pressure to try drugs or alcohol.

Cynthia emphasizes the importance of strong parenting in order to prevent harmful behaviors in children. For local youths to feel empowered to avoid dangerous situations, parents should reiterate that their children can call for a safe ride home without any questions asked, and instill in their children that getting behind the wheel of a car is never the right decision.

Peconic Pediatrics applauds Cynthia Redmond’s work, and her devotion to maintaining a strong, positive, healthy and safe youth culture in our local environment. In addition to her work with Community Awareness Program, Inc., Cynthia serves as the Vice President of the PTO at Aquebogue Elementary as well as on the Riverhead Community Coalition for a Safe and Drug-Free Youth. Peconic Pediatrics thanks Ms. Redmond for all of her volunteering to keep our children safe!

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