Spotlight: Former Riverhead High School Student Earns Deans List At SUNY Oneonta

Peconic Pediatrics celebrates Donna Butler in this month's Spotlight!

This month’s patient spotlight shines on Kaitlyn Doherty, a 2014 graduate of Riverhead High School. Kaitlyn is now a sophomore at SUNY Oneonta in Oneonta, NY and is majoring in Biology. Her goal is to become a high school science teacher.

Kaitlyn and her family were recently notified that her grades for last semester qualified her for placement on the Dean's List. Kailtyn's GPA for last semester is 3.51. Throughout her earlier school years, Kailtyn always maintained high grades and high honor roll status. She was inducted into the National Honor Society in 2013 and earned the top grade in her class for the financial literacy exam, which incidentally earned her the nickname "two-below" from her teacher as she was 2 points shy of a perfect score. Kaitlyn graduated 23rd in her high school class of over 350 students. Kaitlyn was active in Riverhead Blue Masques throughout her high school career starring in 8 plays.

She did all this and was still able to maintain her high marks. She credits her love of science and the great teachers she had throughout the years for her desire to become the best science teacher she can be and wants to pass along her love of science and learning to her own students one day.

During her summer breaks, Kaitlyn enjoys working at Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe in Riverhead, spending time with her family and friends from home and of course spending time with her pets, Teddy Bear and Breezy.

Way to go Kaitlyn!! Keep up the great work!

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