Travel and International Adoption Medicine

Travel and International Adoption Medicine

Everyone loves to travel, but getting ill is sure to ruin your trip.  Whether you are going on vacation, semester abroad, a humanitarian mission, or to adopt a child overseas; we recommend you schedule a pre-travel consultation with Dr. Doug Friedfeld.   Dr. Friedfeld has extensive personal and professional experience with Travel Medicine.  He will review your travel plans, administer recommended and required vaccines, and prepare you with medical advice, medication, and supplies needed for your adventure.

In addition to international travel, Dr. Friedfeld can help you prepare for any wilderness or adventure trips from scuba diving to high altitude skiing and trekking.

There is a lot more to adoption than simply preparing for travel.  Dr. Friedfeld provides pre-adoption medical review of the child’s medical record.  He will help you prepare for health and developmental screenings before your new arrival and will continue to follow and advise once he or she is part of your family (and ours at Peconic Pediatrics).


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